Posted by: theteet | October 22, 2004

My hands smell like beef sweat.

Mae came up from Porktown tonight. It was so rad. We made her eat at Thurman’s in the Village. Together, our group consumed over 12/4 lbs of sweet beef talon.

“One thing I learned about Americans after Super Size Me,” says Miss Klingler, Gi-junda burger in hand, grease dripping off the chin, “Portion size.” Only it was more like “Pooshen eyes,” on account of the cheeseburger the size of her head. I told Seth the story, but I don’t think he heard me because he didn’t laugh and his eyes were real bulgy and watery. A few hours later, he fell off the couch, and hasn’t woken up since. MMMmmm, that coma is Thurmanbuger-licious.


  1. What does Beefsweat smell like?

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