Posted by: theteet | April 10, 2007

Who will buy me lunch?

This Week In Work:



  1. Well, yeah. What, with formerly battered women ditching you for a STORY and all!

  2. You know you can always count on me for lunch. All you have to do is call. Love you hun!

  3. lyndsey… seriously… “it’s like Darfur only worse.” not okay… not even a little bit funny. i am sorry you are having a bad week.

  4. I would send you a quesadilla in the mail, but the guacamole might be gross by the time it got to Bangs.

  5. is everybody here familiar with the reverse mock? i was calling myself a whiny baby.

    but in the future, when i’m setting boundaries, battered women=acceptable. genocide in africa=unacceptable?

    we strive for a friendly environment here at

  6. Wait, what? When did genocide in africa become unacceptable? Was I- Was this in the Times yesterday? Because I didn’t see the headlines. I was too busy reading the announcement about Anna Nicole’s baby’s papa! Now that’s news!

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