Posted by: theteet | July 25, 2007

neva forget.

If you look very closely, you will see how I spent my afternoon off:


photo by Amanda Johnson. graphic design by theteet. 


a. My theory has been proven false. I thought that maybe the tow truck drivers would see the impound lot stamp on my illegally-parked car window (circa 2005) and simply move along, i.e., “she already paid her debt to society.” Instead, it seems as though the white crusty substance acted as a beacon for the tow truck driver predators.

b. I forgot to tell you how it happened:

Because it’s summertime, the OSU kids have fled from Sawmill Village. Therefore, what once was a permit-only area has transformed into a magical, vacant lot where everybody plays by their own rules. I have had zero problems parking my car in front of my sister’s apartment (versus walking 7 miles to occupy one of the five coveted visitor spots) for the last several weeks.

At least until last night. The thing is, there was no one else parked at 11:30 p.m. last night, so, after a late shift at work and a few drinks with a buddy, I didn’t hesitate to plant my permit-less Honda. No one tows unless they’re called. No one calls unless they can’t find a spot. We were golden. Around midnight, the sister and I began watching (I feel a little sick saying it out loud) the entire .. wait. what’s longer than a season? … the entire series of Sex and the City.

Stop judging me.

Somewhere around the time Aiden declared that Carrie “broke his heart,” (you know the scene) there was lots of emotional girly-type screaming, maybe even some stomping toward the telly. Moral: I don’t like who my sister brings out in me.

I think that by the 57th episode, as dawn was breaking, so were our neighbors below. Theory No. 1 is that the intro music may have been too much on the 58th go-round. Hence the “Call-In” notation on my copy of the report from the tow truck assholes. Theory No. 2: Retributution?

I can’t believe they towed my effing car again.

No word on whether i’ll remove the offensive mark or drive my co-workers insane until July 2009.

Thanks again to the Super sis for bailing me out, though.


  1. I can’t believe you watched that many Sex and the City episodes in one night! Are you burned out or do you think you could tolerate one of those marathons with me?

  2. I think you should keep them on until every pane of glass has at least one impound number. It might require a new job to afford all the tow fees, but then you can watch Sex and the City with impunity.

  3. Who had the idea to watch Sex and the City? WHO stayed up all night to watch it while her sister slept? The truth is out! You love sex and the city and you know it.

  4. I am with Amanda all the way on the Sex in the City issue… I seem to recall some watching of the OC at 20 Monty. Hug the guilt. You’re not fooling anyone.

    While I am so sorry about this car towing issue. I feel that you have victimized yourself a bit in regard to the 2005 towing incident. When you parked in the driveway of the President of OU did you really think that you wouldn’t be towed? It makes me laugh.

  5. Don’t soil my reputation, Amanda.

    First of all, you were well into Season Four when I walked in the room, (remember? I called you a bitch?) and if by “slept,” you mean “shouted in terror as Carrie (inserted terrible thing she did to Aiden here) until the sun came up,” then yes, I stayed up all night while my sister slept. Why would you say otherwise?

    (inner monologue) as i searched for the answers to these prolific questions, i couldn’t help but wonder … was it insecurity that causes us to lie? or is there something much more profound I’d like to say? Are men and woman really as different (lights a cigarette) as we think they are?

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