Posted by: theteet | May 2, 2008

yeah, everybody leaves

when they get the chance.

and this is … well, this is the closest chance i’ll ever have.

Are you coming to my SNP going away party?

It’s tonight after work at Patrick J’s.

I’d like to think of it more as a ‘going over’ party, but then again I also don’t want to send Tim Krumlauf off into another tirade.

I have a feeling that Dennis Laycock is going to break my heart again.


  1. What do you mean, “you have a feeling”? I told you straight up I wasn’t coming, didn’t I?

    Seriously, I’d love to be there, but a quiet evening, sitting on the couch with my lady, eating pizza and watching baseball just sounds so much better. Sorry.

    But I authorize you to quaff one of the following in my stead:

    1) Pabst Blue Ribbon
    2) pilsner glass full of everclear
    3) something with umbrellas and fruit in it
    4) Tom Collins (not the drink, that guy sitting in the corner)
    5) a horse’s neck (I saw it in the dictionary once and it sounded good)
    6) glass of whole milk, dash of lemon juice, garnish with garlic clove
    7) Beer (generic)
    8) Flaming Moe
    9) Mint Julep, extra julep (hold the mint)
    10) Corpsewater (find corpse in river, wring into shot glass)

  2. Erm, that smiley face should be an eight with a parenthesis after it. Stupid WordPress.

  3. Actually I decided I can make it after all.

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